Instantly view Power Point and 100+ file types.

Explorer View file viewer technology instantly previews files and email attachments. It is a Power Point viewer, but will also view more than 100 file types, including PPS, Word, Excel Visio, PDF and DWG, even if these original software applications are not installed on a computer.

Power Point Viewer

Explorer View technology has two inbuilt Powerpoint viewing capabilities:

  1. If Powerpoint is not installed it uses its own file preview engine to display the contents of the powerpoint file;
  2. If Powerpoint is installed, a user has the option to use Microsoft Powerpoint as the preview engine, within the Explorer View interface, without the need to open files.
Explorer View for Windows Explorer Explorer View

Explorer View Windows Explorer

Instant file viewer for more than 100 file types, including: a Power Point viewer, Visio, DWG viewer, Excel, PDF, AutoCad and many more. Explorer View works inside Windows Explorer. View files even if you do not have the creating application installed. Listen to songs, play video, and even copy, paste and print from the file viewer. Try it now Free for 30 days.


Whether it is for personal use, business or corporate, Explorer View file viewer technology is a cost effective solution with immediate return on Investment.

Explorer View give users the familiar Windows Explorer interface in which view files. Download and try Explorer View technology free for 30 days.

The saving to our company by not having to fully install Microsoft Office - specifically MS Word, Power Point, and Excel, on all site computers has been tremendous. Explorer View gives us the ability for staff to view company documentation on a bare bones warehouse PC.

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