Experience happier file browsing with Windows Explorer

Explorer View file viewer

PC Answers Magazine Review

Let's face it: when it comes to file management, Window' offering is sadly lacking.

Most of us have downloaded countless plug-ins to compensate for its limited functionality and you'd do well just to ditch it entirely for something better. But you do not have to with Explorer View.

Explorer View really shines in situations where you're not sure which file names correspond to which file contents. Perhaps you're looking for something you wrote a long time ago and cant remember what you called it. In these situations, you're forced to load up each document and look through it, which is quite time consuming and frustrating. The big feature of this utility ti the Preview Pane that will preview images, documents, HTML and even audio files. Int he case of documents, the whole file is located instantly into the preview pane so that you can browse through the contents. You can also print the file directly from the preview pane, and copy selected text to the clipboard. Explorer View brings up the standard viewing buttons for image preview such as flip and zoom. Audio files bring up a set of standard player buttons. This means that you can conveniently check a text file without having to load up Word, or organize your music collection without the need to start your player.

Its all gone hexadecimal. Its also useful for those tricky file types: the preview pane tabs enable you to view in plain text or even hexadecimal format, should you feel the need. This might be useful if you have some errant viral hex string that you want to track down - you never know.

A comprehensive file information pane displays all the associated meta data. Explorer View leaves nothing out: every piece of information contained within a file is accessible. All the panes can be tidily tucked away if you require more viewing space. Explorer View integrates with Windows Explorer so you don't have the trouble of learning new software. It will also work with your plug ins for archiving, ISO creation and so on. If you want a comprehensive control center for file management, Explorer View fits the bill.

The Informer! Weekly Newsletter Issue 2005 Volume 5 Week 13:

"I have always really liked searching for things on my computer and having to open each and every file to see if what I am looking for is in that file, and I really love losing all the time that process wastes (can you hear the sarcasm??). Seriously, I hate it. When looking for a picture, you can click on it and a little preview will appear usually in the left column, or you can set your folders to show thumbnails. Great Idea! Too bad you can't do that with text files, or get a preview or audio or video files, right?

Wrong!! You can now! When I heard of Explorer View, I thought "What a great idea!" but I had no idea how great of an idea it is! One program that can let me see each file without having to wait for each file's associated opening application to fully load. You don't have to have the file's application installed to preview the file! Just click on the file name in Explorer View and it shows me what the file contains. Just like picture previews...oh, and yes, it does the same for graphics! So I am not bouncing between windows while searching. Explorer View can preview over 30 file types.

Explorer View was easy to install and very easy to start using. No rocket science involved. Just time previously wasted returned to me!

Definitely a Five Star!